Are Dental Implants Safe?

Are you unsure if dental implants are safe? Among today’s dental patients, implants are a popular tooth replacement option. If you believe that getting one or more dental implants would make your mouth healthier, learning more about the safety of implants is a good idea.

Do you believe dental implants procedure are the best option for improving the health of your mouth? Implants are one of the most popular replacement options for missing one or more teeth, which can quickly lead to other mouth problems. While many people believe that missing one of their teeth isn’t a big deal, it actually is. It may take a few months, but the teeth adjacent to the empty space will begin to move over time, causing a problem.

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How Do Dental Implants Work?

One or more false teeth are supported by a dental implant. It’s a titanium screw that can be used to replace a tooth’s root if it fails. It is inserted into the jawbone in the same way that a tooth root is.

Are Dental Implants Safe?

Dental implants have been proven to be not only safe but also the best method for replacing missing teeth by dental professionals for over 30 years.

Over time, both modern technology and the method of implant placement have improved.

Implant procedures are relatively safe, but they are still surgical procedures, and like any other surgical procedure, they come with risks.

However, the risk of infection or rejection following implant surgery is extremely low.

The screw and the cap are the two parts of a dental implant.

The screw is made of titanium, a biocompatible material that is also used in joint replacement procedures.

The jaw bone grows around a properly placed implant, providing the screw with the strength it needs to support the crown and function like a natural tooth.

Titanium’s remarkable biocompatibility ensures that it is completely non-toxic and non-harmful to living tissues. This property also allows it to be highly corrosion-resistant.

The implant’s cap is made of biocompatible ceramic, similar to that used in regular crowns and bridges. If you have a rare sensitivity to copper, zinc, lead, or nickel, your dentist may suggest a different dental solution to replace your teeth.

However, only a qualified dentist should perform the dental implant procedure to ensure the treatment’s complete safety and success.

Who is Eligible for Dental Implants?

Dental implants have been used safely and successfully in patients with good oral and overall health for over 30 years.

There are a few conditions that could prevent implants from being used right away, including:

  • Active periodontitis is a condition in which the gums are inflamed.
  • Insufficient healthy bone tissue to support the implant
  • Diabetes or heart disease are examples of pre-existing chronic diseases.

However, having these conditions does not automatically disqualify you from receiving a dental implant.

If you have gum disease, your dentist can use periodontal treatment to help you restore your gum tissue’s health.

A bone tissue graft can often be used to fill in gaps in the bone tissue, allowing for the successful placement of an implant.

In the case of pre-existing disorders, your dentist will have to make a decision about whether or not to place an implant based on your unique health situation.


These days, dental implants are the best option for replacing missing teeth. They’re extremely safe and long-lasting tooth replacements.

However, only a qualified and experienced dentist should perform the surgery. To schedule a consultation, call Glenferrie Dental today.


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